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Evening Skimmer


genus:  Tholymis

Evening Skimmer

tholymis.jpgOne species of this genus occurs in North America the other in Tropical America.  Evening Skimmers are quite similar in appearance to the Shadowdragons.  Our species has large dark gray eyes, a dark gray face with metallic blue on top. The thorax brown with gray, a long tapered abdomen.  The hind-wing and forewing may have large amber spot, and the forewing is much smaller than the hind-wing. Wings become brown in coloration upon maturity in both sexes. Legs are long and thin.

Females are similar in appearance except the eyes, face and thorax are paler in coloration. The cerci is long and curved downward. 

Males are found patrolling low over ground just before dawn and dusk. They inhabit ponds, brackish waters, lakes, ditches and marshes.  During the day time hours they can be found perched hortizontally from branches of trees. 


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