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Pasture Gliders


genus: Tauriphilia

Pasture Gliders

tauriphilia._2jpg.jpgThree species are known to North America, the remaining are Neotropical.  These typically a small genus of tropical skimmers which are medium to large in size resembling some species of the genus Traumea, but are smaller in size with shorter terminal abdominal appendages.  Each species has a band of brown or black across the base of a very long and pointed broad  hind-wing. This broadwing enables them to glide for long periods of time, making it useful for long distance travel. The legs are long and thin.

Pasture Gliders inhabit quiet waters with masses of water lettuce or water hyacinth.  They are likely to be seen flying at dusk and dawn in swarms consisting of both sexes searching for food and mates.


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