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Filigree Skimmer

Filigree Skimmer

genus: Pseudoleon

Filigree Skimmer

This genus includes one species in North America.  It is medium in size.  The mature  male has a solid brown to black thorax and a black stout abdomen with pale chevrons running dorsally.  With age these chevrons gradually change to all black. Both wings have a black lacy filigree pattern on them almost appearing as a solid black wing. Eyes are streaked with brown and tan and upon maturity change to  nearly all black.   

In female and juvenile males, the thorax is brown and mottled with tan.  The female  abdomen is shorter than the male and dark brown in coloration with v-shaped chevrons running dorsally.  The lace patterns on the females wings aren't nearly as closed as that of the males showing less black.

Filigree Skimmers prefer sunny rocky, clear streams where they can perch obliquely on rocks and debris.

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