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Blue Dasher


genus: Pachydiplax

Blue Dasher

Only one common species is classified in this genus. These are medium-sized dragonflies with blue and brown coloration.  The male lateral  and dorsal thorax is brown or black with yellow striping that can fade with age. The abdomen is a pale blue with a tapered black tip. Wings often have an amber wash at the base, the eyes are a metallic green and the face is white.  With age, the abdomen and dorsal area between the wings may become pruinose blue.

Females look totally different from the males, the thorax and abdomen are dark in color. Their  abdomen is shorter and patterned with double yellow dashes down it's entire dorsal length.  The females hindwings lack basal streaks.  Eyes are of a reddish brown color.

Dashers are well known for their frequent aerial battles.  They are often seen chasing other dragonflies off of their perches.

Dashers inhabit almost any body of water including ponds, lakes, marshes and streams and are very tolerant of polluted waters.

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