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Tropical Skimmers

Tropical Skimmers

genus: Orthemis

Tropical Skimmers

This genus includes one medium size species in North America.  The mature male comes in two forms, a Pink Form and a Red Form.  The Pink Form has a pale blue pruinoise thorax and a pink or violet pruinoise abdomen and metallic violet forehead. The Red Form is all red and has no pruinosity whatsoever and has a metallic red head.  In all our species, the abdomen is long and tapered to the end.  Wings are clear.

Females  and juvenile males have a orange-brown thorax with pale lateral off- white stripes in an irregular pattern.

Tropical Skimmers can be found perched on branches with their front legs folded up behind their head with their abdomen level.

These skimmers inhabit lakes, ponds, slow streams, canals brackish and muddy waters.

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