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Hyacinth Gliders

Hyacinth Gliders

genus: Miathyria

Hyacinth Gliders

One species recorded in  North America. These are small to medium in size, the thorax is brown with two white lateral stripes, the thin abdomen is orange brown with a dorsal black stripe and widened at one or both ends. The broad hindwings have a basal brown band and orange-brown wing veins.  In mature males the forehead is metallic violet with a pale face. The legs are long and slender.

These Gliders seldom perch but when they do, it is in an oblique position on top of stems of floating vegetation.

This genus looks and behaves much like species of the Tramea genus.

Hyacinth gliders are associated with floating plants such as water hyacinths and can be found around quiet waters with mats of vegetation.

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