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Marl Pennants


genus: Macrodiplax

Marl Pennants

marlpennant070825This genus includes one species in North America.  It is medium in size, the adult males have a black thorax and abdomen with narrow pale rings.  The black head is large for it's size with dark eyes.  The hind-wing is clear with small dark rounded basal spots.

Females are similar to males but the top of the thorax is golden brown and yellow in coloration and the sides of the thorax has three pale areas.  The abdomen also being golden brown and yellow displays a black tip on it's last segment.  Female and juvenile males have a white face.

Marl Pennants inhabit brackish coastal ponds and lakes, and desert oasis. They are known to breed in marl ponds, where calcium encrusts submerged vegetation.


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