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King Skimmers

King Skimmers

genus: Libellula 

King Skimmers

These are the most popular or best known of all dragonflies. Some twenty-one species are presently known to North America. Sizes are variable ranging from medium to large. There thorax is robust, their abdomens stout and more or less flattened.  They are showy insects, often with colorful wing patterns and brightly colored bodies as well.  Their head is rather large.

Males and females are noticeably dimorphic. Females are generally less colorful.

species of this genus are easy to observe since most perch for a long enough period of time to get a good look and generally perch close to shore on twigs and vegetation sticking up from the waters edge.

The genus is so large that these beauties can be found almost around any body of water such as lakes, ponds, quiet rivers, streams and bays.  There are several  species however that are habitat specific and prefer calcareous soils and peaty waters of marshes and bogs.

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