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Metallic Pennants


genus: Idiataphe

Metallic Pennants

One specie known to North America. Idiataphe cubensis, the others are neotropical. These small emerald-like skimmers are metallic black or brown in coloration similar to Emeralds but do not develop green eyes. Their abdomen is slender, with bronzy brown lateral abdominal stripes. Our specie Idiataphe cubensis is small, slender, metallic black, with face, side of thorax and lateral abdomen striped with bronzy brown. Wings are clear with a small brown spot at the bag of the hindwing.

Females are similar in coloration to males, but have a thicker abdomen.

They are known to inhabit fresh or brackish ponds and lakes where their fly low and erratically over the water making patrols up and down, sometimes hovering. At other times they can be observed flying tree top levels in swarms foraging for good.  When not flying, they are found perched vertically on weeds, twigs or tall grass on surrounding vegetation.


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