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genus: Dythemis


Five species are known in North America.  These are medium sized slender dragonflies with colorations of either browns, blues or blacks. The abdomen in the mature male is slender and can appear slightly clubbed. The wings are longer than the abdomen and may in some species display a lacy brown wing pattern or in others, a ting of brown.

Females can be similar to males in some species, but on overall the male takes on a unique and distinct coloration. Most females will present with prominent dark wing tips.

 Setwings are known for their rather unique way of perching. Males can be found perched with their abdomen slightly inclined upwards and the wings open forward.  It has been referred to as a "sprinter's "get-set" stance.

Setwings can generally be found in marshy areas such as ponds, streams, lakes and rivers.


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