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Damselfly Legs

To the beginner the above three families seem very similar in appearance, when actually they are very different.  Even the most experienced hobbyist will at one time or another mistake a forktail for a bluet or a dancer, or vice versa.  They are best identified in the hand.

The legs can play in important role in differentiating the Dancer (Argia) group of damselflies from all other pond damsels.  By noting the size and spacing of the spines on the legs you will be able to at least separate them from the other three groups.  Hopefully this illustration will help.

While all three families have short legs, the Dancers (Argia) present with long spurs on their lower leg (tibia).  These spurs are twice as long as the spaces between them.  All other pond damsels have spurs about as long as the space between them.

Spreadwings (Lestes) and Broadwinged Damsels (Calopterygiadae) are easily identifiable by their long spurred legs.

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